Where to Use Inflatable Games

By now you’ve seen inflatable products used to promote products and events, entertain carnival crowds and fair attendants and be used for high visibility marketing initiatives. 

But there is also a market for inflatable games and with a wide variety of fun inflatable challenges including obstacle courses, races and even sumo wrestling you can make inflatable games a big part of your next trade show, promotional event or yearend sale.

When people think of inflatable games it’s often in the context of carnivals and kids parties. While air blown challenges certainly have found a loyal following among younger children it’s also becoming a popular attraction with adults too. 

Maybe it has something to do with acting carefree in a safe environment that unleashes the inner kid in everyone but inflatable games have proven to be very adept at attracting and maintaining crowds at everything from corporate trade shows and team-building retreats to blow out sales and new store openings.

Because inflatable games are safe environments that allow for a wide range of activities it is the perfect accessory to jump start the adrenaline at any event that needs energy and excitement. 

Generating buzz won’t be hard when you have intense but safe games such as bungee bulls, human sphere bubble bowling, laser tag battles, scaling rock climbs and wrecking balls to get crowds pumped up. 

And when people are excited the energy level of an event can very easily turn in to ringing cash registers and the likelihood that they’ll be telling their friend soon enough.

Inflatable games are available for rent from many manufacturers and if you need help getting things going at a trade show, special event or store launch then consider blowing up a fun obstacle course or bowling alley to liven up the atmosphere. 

Inflatable games are great ideas for retail businesses, sporting contests, real estate grand openings, radio show promotions, carnivals and fairs and corporate outings and team building exercises. The combination of a safe inflatable environment with a unique physical challenge makes for exciting entertainment and plenty of stories to tell afterward.

Unlike some outdoor activities that are either unsafe or too competitive in nature inflatable contests still remind everyone that it’s all in good fun and if tempers start to flare all you need to do is take a dive into the soft cushion walls and floors and let the fun bounce take any stress away. The next time your marketing team needs a lift, consider inflatable bounce houses and race courses for safe and fun outdoor entertainment.