The importance of family in the modern society

The family is known to be the building block of society as they play a crucial role in people’s lives. It is one of the oldest institutions where families support each other emotionally and physically. With time, families have changed but continue to remain together all over the world. As society continues to grow, the benefits of living with family are significant than ever. Below is a list of the advantages of a healthy family in modern society.

1) Giving people an identity

Without a sense of identity and belonging, people would have been lost and confused as they grew up. The family gives a name, values, norms and socialization skills that are crucial for the future.

By spending time together, families support each other and nurture the character of each other. Maslow described it in his famous Hierarchy of needs where the security needs are the most crucial needs after food, water and shelter. Family provides love, care and helps fulfill the need to belong.

2) Support system

Family guide and help individuals in hard times and act like a support system. During such phases, people often hide their emotions and trust no one but their family. They open up to family about their struggles as families are the ones who understand.

Similarly, when people find themselves with good news, they share it with family before anyone else. It is because family relationships are much closer than any other relations. In a healthy family, love is unconditional, and it offers growth for individuals and society.

3) Help meet basic needs

Some people cannot provide for themselves, for instance, children, old, ill and disabled people. These people rely on family to care for them as they can’t afford to live by themselves. Basic needs such as food, shelter and water are provided by the family. Without a family system support, these people would have been hopeless and helpless. It is the family that makes them feel included and secured.

The family also provides financial security as the members who work contribute part of their earnings to help the family meet the needs and wants. Some examples include children’s education fees, Bills and medicine for old parents.

4) Help model good values

In today’s world, it is easier to get carried away with unhealthy ideas and thoughts. However, a close family with a strong bond can help a person navigate these negative thoughts and be a good member of society. Especially when a child is young, they can easily get influenced into bad habits due to their naivety. But good parenting always helps their child stay a step ahead and differentiate between right and wrong.

5) Help strengthen community

Society consists of families and households. It is family that produces people for the future and nurtures them. They then go on to make positive contributions to the community too. This institution also helps people realize the need of giving to people that needs support. Certain morals and values of families can go on to help the community as a whole.

Final thoughts:

Family relationships are vital for every human being. People are often incomplete and broken without families as it fulfills certain requirements of life.