Steps for planning your kid’s next birthday party

Planning is the key to a fun birthday party. Without a plan, things can get overwhelming and stressful. You must be thinking that where do I start? Does the food come first or the decorations? To make things easier, we have prepared a step-by-step guide that will help you make a perfect birthday party for your kid. 

1) Plan the budget

Budget planning will help you give a direction to your plan. You would come to know the birthday party options you can afford. Even if your budget is low, you can still get plenty out of it. 

2) Choose a theme

The theme is a deciding factor of how the birthday party would look. Set it up while keeping in mind your child’s interests and hobbies. It can be the favourite superhero of the child or a theme from his favourite movie. More examples include Mermaids, Video games, Pirates and Princesses.

3) Prepare a guest list and send invitations

The next step is to draft a list of guests you would invite to the party. The number of guests should be within your budget and the type of party you want. Start by choosing important guests like friends and close family and so on. 

There are plenty of ways to send invitations, such as store-bought or DIY envelopes. 

4) Location

Birthdays parties can be set up inside a lawn, hotel or even an event hall, in case you cannot accommodate all your guests at home. And as we know, kids like to run around and have a bit of fun so a larger place would be ideal. 

5) Food

The majority of the guests at the party will be kids, so the food should be in smaller sizes. It can include mini sandwiches, mini pizzas and burgers. These foods will not need cutting and will easily be grabbed by little hands without making a mess. 

6) Birthday cake

The cake is the most important thing on a birthday. Make sure that you get your child’s favourite flavour. You can decide on the size of the cake after knowing the number of guests. Additionally, you should purchase colourful candles to place on top of the cake so that your child can make a wish. 

7) Plan fun games

Kids love playing and you can use games to make it more fun for them. One of the popular party games is the scavenger hunt and pinning the tail on the donkey. You can also consider hiring a magician for a magic show at the place if your budget is higher. 

8) Goodie bags

Giving goodie bags to the guests is a perfect way to thank them for coming. They are distributed at the end of the party and can include a small toy or a thank you card. Do make sure that your child thanks every guest for coming to the party and for giving gifts. 

Final Thoughts

These eight steps will help you conduct a memorable birthday party for your kid. Using these steps as an outline, make sure to do what works best for you and your family. You can also reach out to party planners for additional advice.