How to throw a good party

A boring party can be a nightmare! It is like watching a boring movie and sitting through it all. Everyone comes to party for fun, and you don’t want your guests to feel bored. Do you?

That is why we have prepared few tips to make your next party memorable and fun for everyone.

1) Have an outdoor theatre

There is nothing like watching a movie in your backyard with your friends. You can set up a projector screen and watch your favourite movie. Make sure to have popcorns and refreshments for the guests. Here’s how you can set up a theatre in your backyard.

2) Plan a delicious menu

Determine a theme first according to the tastes of the guests. The party includes appetizers, one main dish, a side dish and a dessert on the menu. Do make sure to ask the guests in advance if they are allergic to something or what they would like to have. 

3) Create a music playlist

Music plays a vital role in a party. The better the music, the more fun the party will be. 

Everyone loves music as it improves the mood instantly. Prepare a perfect playlist for your audience by choosing a variety of songs from different genres. You can’t play just nirvana songs through the party as not everyone will appreciate it. 

If you want people to remember your party for a long time, then having good music is essential. 

4) Pick a theme

Themes like cartoons, zombies and the ’90s are popular at parties and can double the fun. You can dress up in a fancy dress and even ask the guests to do the same. 

5) Prepare a camera

Of course, you want to capture the best moments of your life, and a camera provides you just that. The pictures are a great way to relive memories. You can take group photos with friends and also capture the happy moments you will spend together. 

6) Plan some activities

You might want to add more entertainment to your party with some games. You can set up darts, table tennis, and a pool for your friends. Apart from that, you can even opt for board games such as decrypto

7) Have the drinks ready

Drinking is not only about alcoholic drinks. You need to stock up on fruit punch, water and cocktails. Provide a wide range of drinks to your guests as there might be people who do not drink alcohol. 

Have plenty of water to help people sober up. 

8) Let other people assist you

You cannot do everything by yourself. Be open to suggestions and help from others. Invite a friend over for decorations and gathering the supplies. You can assign supplies and dishes to guests who are offering to help, this will help you focus on other factors and get things done quickly. 


Don’t stress yourself and push yourself over the limit when preparing for a party. When the guests arrive just start to have fun. Do not apologize for the decorations or overthink the menu. Just make your guests feel like you are happy to have them here.