Effective reward system for children

Creating a reward system is a great way to encourage good behaviour among children. Many parents adopt the reward system to help their children achieve behavioural milestones. The reward system has encouraged changes in behaviour through positive reinforcement. 

If you want to see positive changes in your child, then go through the method down below and set up a reward system that works well for your kids. 

Reward charts system

Reward charts are a proven way to influence your child with positivity. You can either design yourself one as wallpaper or download an application that provides you with it. 

The chart shows the progress or goals of your kid you want them to achieve. For example, making their bed or brushing their teeth will get them to have more ticks or stickers on the chart. 

In the case of an app, there would be pop-up stars or ticks that you can give your child according to their behaviour. A certain number of stars will add up to a reward for your child. 

How to set up a chart reward system

1) Describe the behaviour you expect from your kids

For each task, you must choose the correct words and tone. “Put all your laundry in the basket” is more positive than ” Don’t leave your dirty clothes on the floor” This way you are encouraging them to do something which they may not have. 

2) Choosing a chart

As we stated above that there are possibly two types of charts that you can use for which are wallpaper charts and mobile phone applications. 

The problem with the app version is that it would not let the kids see their progress and feel responsible. But if they are older children, they might prefer the app version. 

The app version is also portable, and you can use them whenever you are out. It also works better for older children as they might be embarrassed to have their progress on a wall. 

Little children can benefit from the wallpaper as they need a constant reminder about the things they have to do. 

3) Set short-term rewards

Children are not patient. If they see that the reward is too far away, and it is not worth the effort then they might start to disobey. Choose short-term awards like extra TV time, bike rides and more playing time. Stay positive when your child misses out on a task. Taking the star or the sticker out may discourage your children. 

4) Give the different type of rewards

A child can get bored of things very quickly, and you might need to change the rewards now and then. It will help him not to get bored and give up.

5) Give up the chart system

You can slowly start to scrape off the reward system as it can be harmful in the long run. You should begin to set more time between each reward. Suddenly stopping can make your child go back to the old ways. 

Children start to develop habits as they begin doing work. Eventually, they may not need a reward to fulfill any task. 

Final thoughts

Make sure the rewards are interesting and worth it for your children or else it won’t be effective. Except for children, you would also need to be consistent as well to make the system work.