Easy DIY party decorations

Decorating your home for a party usually comes with a lot of stress and not knowing what to do? To make things easier, we have prepared a list of easy but creative party decorations without costing you a ton of money. Each of them will enhance the beauty of the event and will leave the guests impressed. 

1) Create an Instagram-worthy wall

Photos are memorable and always a party-hit. You may have seen creative backgrounds for pictures that have taken over Instagram feeds. Design a wall by using bright and radiant colours. You can’t go wrong with the help of crepe paper, glue dots or any craft of your choice. It is easy and fast to design and is relatively inexpensive. 

The guests would love to have it as their picture background. 

2) Paper lanterns

Light up your party with easy-to-make lanterns. They are perfect for parties as it is inexpensive to make a handful of them. These lanterns are fragile, unique and will add an artistic touch to your party. A good thing about them is that they are reusable. Even if they get damaged, you can dispose of them after the party. You can learn more about papercut honeycomb lanterns. 

3) Party Crowns

You must have heard party hats, but those are too mainstream. Instead of using party hats, you can design party crowns for your guests to make the party more unique. The guests can pose for pictures in it. It will add uniqueness to your party with a bit of fun. You can go one step further and customize the crown for each guest to make them feel special. You can add names, themes or anything they might like on it. Learn how to make DIY crowns for guests.

4) Design Banners

You can design a glittery banner that should be related to the party. For instance, for a birthday party, it should say “Happy Birthday.” Or if it is for a get-together, then it can be “Cheers.” You can say anything relevant you want with the banner and hang it where it is most noticeable. 

There is a variety of banners that you can choose from on the internet. They are easy to make and would not cost you a lot. Choose the one that rightly fits the theme of your party. 

5) Balloon backdrop

As we know, everyone loves balloons. The decoration will bring extra flair to your party. All you have to do is grab plenty of balloons in the colour of your choice and inflate them. After that, you can stick them to the wall in any design you like. For instance, balloon arch or even the whole wall filled with it. It will also make a good photo background. After the party, guests can pop the balloons and let some chaos roll. But be ready for the cleaning afterwards. 

Final thoughts

 All of the decorations are easy to make and will not cost you much. You can choose different types of decorations for a party or even select all of them to fit in one event.