Bounce House Rentals: 5 Things You Should Know

Birthdays are fun for the kids. They spend time playing with their friends, eat a lot of sweets and cake, and any misbehavior that day gets past. 

For the parents, it is not the same story. 

The parents have to arrange everything for the birthday party. From the location, cake, food, activities, sending inviting guests, they plan everything. It is tiring and stressful. But asks any parent, and they will say it is all worth it in the end. The happiness they see in their child’s face on that day pays off all the work.

One of the activities that make kids go crazy with their excitement is bounce houses. They have bold colors, are large, and always lit up the atmosphere. For the parent is a challenging task to pick the best bounce house rental that will guarantee fun and safety for everybody.

To help you with that, here is a guide on five things you should consider before renting a bounce house. 

  1. Make sure your bounce house rental company has insurance. 

Don’t go in business with a company that has no liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. By law, all inflatable rental companies need to have liability insurance. It covers everything if any accident happens from the carelessness of the rental company in setting up the bounce house.

Moreover, most people are not aware that if any of the rental company’s workers get injured on their property, they might get in trouble. That’s why you need to make sure the company pays the worker’s compensation insurance. 

  1. You need to have supervision at all times

The safety of the children is a number one priority always. To ensure the party goes without an accident, you need to have one person supervising the kids going in and out.

Usually, the rental companies offer an attendant as an extra service. If you are not willing to pay for that, you should make sure a grown-up from your circle will be on the service. 

  1. Inspect the bounce house upon arrival

Always check if the inflatable house is in good condition when it arrives. You don’t want to pay money to use a damaged bounce house. Also, if you miss any prior damage, you risk being accused of causing those rips.

  1. Make sure the bounce house is clean and disinfected. 

A clean environment is essential for the kids. They will jump up and down, land with their hand, and then run away to grab a cookie. You don’t want your children and their friends to be carrying around other people’s germs.

So make sure to rent a company that cleans and sanitizes their bounce houses before and after each event. In this way, the children will have fun in a clean and safe environment. 

  1. Select a suitable setup area

Bounce houses usually take a lot of space, especially the big ones. You should be aware of the scope the bounce house takes and find an appropriate setup area. 

The best practice is to place the inflatable in the grass. You can set it up in concrete too. But it is less preferred by the rentals. 

It is essential to make sure the area you are setting up doesn’t have underground utilities. Bounce houses use steel anchor stakes that could damage the underground wires, gas lines, or water and sewer lines. If the area has underground utilities, you need to notify the authorities four days before the event. 

In conclusion 

Bounce houses are a great activity to create a festive atmosphere for your child’s birthday. But to make sure that children are playing in a safe, clean, and appropriate environment, you need to select the rental company carefully. Make sure they provide you with a contract that includes everything, from insurance to sanitization and safety.