Best party themes

To have a successful event, you would need a unique theme. Having a stellar setting will help your party stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of options to choose from, and we will help you narrow down the options by picking out the best. 

1) Inner-child

What’s better than dropping your worries and have fun like a child? To bring this theme to life, think of the activities you used to do as a child. An adult-sized ball pit, a bouncy castle and sweet snacks galore are a few to name. 

2) Arabian Nights Theme

Bring a Moroccon touch to your party with luxurious gold cloth drapes, large palm trees and flying carpets. Plan out succulent and juicy cuisine for your guest and let them enjoy the luxury of Moroccan culture. 

You can plan the party yourself or hire a company to do it for you. The party will stand out from the rest. 

3) 80’s Retro

The ’80s was an era of revolution in fashion. Get your guests to dress up in the same way as the ’80s or their favourite celebrity from the decade. You can even set up a playlist and play the hits from that decade and dance to nostalgic pop songs. 

4) Ice And Fire Theme

Ice and fire together create a stunning light and dark environment at a party. When the elements of white, blue and red combine, they give off an aesthetic look. Have your guest wear such colours and decorate the place with snowflakes, icicle lights with flame solar projection and flame banners. 

5) Alice In Wonderland Theme

You can bring back the classic movie to life by adopting this theme. It should have large rose-trees with blue and white curtains along with playing cards and Alice’s giant red shoe seat. Offer guests jam tarts, sweets and cakes. 

6) James Bond 007 Theme

If you want your party to be groovy, you can pick this theme. Let your guests know that they should dress in Black, red and white. Put on a large 007 glitter logo on display and have martini glasses and casino playing cards ready. 

7) Vegas Theme

Imagine giant playing cards, dice and glittery dollar signs with red and gold cloth drapes. Sounds cool, right? You can even set up gambling signs and go wild for your Vegas-themed party. Ask your guests to wear something suitable for the occasion. Preferably a tuxedo for men and fancy dresses for women. 

8) Ugly Sweater Party

If you want to add a bit of banter to a party, you can choose this hilarious theme. Tell guests to wear the ugliest sweater they can get. Sweaters can be great conversation starters. 

9) Bookclub theme

You can bring back the fiction worlds you love to real life. You can choose different novel settings to plan out the venue. If your guests love books, then they will enjoy this theme. 

10) Star wars theme

This movie series is beloved and adored by many. Seeing favourite characters in real life will make the guests nostalgic. Set up neon lights, spaceship interiors and backdrops of the galaxy.