Best indoor games to play with your kids this summer

Summer is coming with its scorching heat. But you cannot stop your kids from playing as they love to have fun. What you can do is make indoors fun for your kids. The pandemic and lockdown have restricted outdoor activities. That is why home entertainment is essential for kids to avoid boredom. 

We have created a list of indoor games that will keep your child busy and entertained. 

1) Hide and seek

It is a classic game that involves every player to hide other than one, whose task is to find everyone. It can be a beneficial activity for your child as it helps them develop their memory and stay active. 

Hide and seek can also help them stay organized and focused as the game demands them to be. It can prove to be a great family time that will keep your kids busy and entertained. 

2) Pictionary

It is a super simple game that involves a pen and paper apart from the board game itself. Pictionary comes with a board and a dice and cards of words. The goal is to guess what the other person is drawing and whoever guesses correctly advances across the game board until it reaches the end. The game will help the kids be more creative with their thinking as they visualize ideas. 

In the end, it might be the terrible drawings that will have you burst out laughing. 

3) Charades

It is one of the classic games for all ages. Charade is a guessing game that involves a person trying to tell their team the allotted phrase or word. The words could be a movie, a book, a hobby and even a song. 

It is a fun activity that requires no equipment other than a few participants divided into two teams. The game is all about having fun and laugh at each other’s acting skills. 

4) Indoor bowling

This game will require a dozen of aluminum cans or plastic bottles to act as bowling pins and a tennis ball to strike them down. Use masking tape to draw a bowling lane and topple the cans or bottles with the ball. 

To make it more fun, you can amend the rules. 

Although it is not as fun like bowling, it provides entertainment and fun to the kids. 

5) UNO

It is one of the famous games that is impossible to put down. The card game can be enjoyed by people numbering from 2-10. It can be a great family time after a meal. The activity will help your kid make quick decisions and improve logical thinking. 

You can access the method and rules from here.

6) Simon says

This game is a joy to play! One person has to play as Simon and give commands to the group starting with “Simon says” to do certain things. Any person who is lured to do something which does not begin with “Simon says” is out.

Final thoughts

Now you have a list of games to choose from. Your choice will depend on your child’s mood. If he wants to do something full of energy, then hide and seek should be an option. And if he wants to sit down and enjoy it then, UNO will be a great choice.