7 Montreal Venues To Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

Your child’s birthday is coming up, and you still have not decided on the venue? No worries, we got you covered. Montreal has many venues to celebrate your child’s birthday, all offering special packages for the birthday boy or girl.

From the indoor playgrounds to the museums, we created a list of fun places to celebrate your child’s birthday. 

  1. Recre-O-fun

It does not matter if your child is 1 or 12 years old Recre-O-fun is a perfect venue to celebrate their birthday. This indoor playground is clean, spacious, and offers children a variety of games to play. Kids can play games from giant maze to arcade and bungee trampoline.

Recre-O-fun offers free printable invitations from their website. They also provide a free pass for any kid older than 8 for their next visit, while children under 18 months old are discounted from the price.

The price for a party of eight children and four adults costs about $210. 

  1. Paladium

Does your kid love roller skating? Then Paladium is a perfect venue to celebrate her birthday. This indoor roller skating venue has a large area for the kids to get excited and play.

It allows children four years and older who will be equipt with rollers and all protective gear. You can order food from the food court or bring it yourself. 

To celebrate the birthday, you need to have a minimum of 10 kids for who the price goes $17.5 per person.

  1. Kidzilla Fun

With over 7,000 square foot space, Kidzilla Fun offers three different indoor playgrounds for the children to enjoy their time. In Kidzilla Fun, kids of all ages are allowed to play. It also an appropriate padded playground for toddlers.

They offer four different birthday packages that start from $280 with a free pass for the birthday boy or girl. The price includes the playgrounds, cake, snacks, and drinks. 

  1. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The most visited museum in Canada offers birthday parties for the young ones. They organize the birthdays in three different packages:

  • in the mind of an artist,
  • creatives in the bud, and 
  • artistic treasure hunt.

Most of the packages are divided into three parts. First, they go on a tour around the museum that follows with their respective activities. In the end, they can blow the candles with the cake provided by the parents. 

The cost goes around $275 with a maximum of fifteen kids and three adults. 

  1. Centre D’escalade Vertical

If you have an active kid who is older than four, then this is the perfect venue. In Centre D’escalade Vertical, kids can enjoy rock climbing or jump up and down in the trampolines. At all times, an instructor is there to supervise the children.

The venue offers five different birthday packages that start from $150 for 1.5 hours of climbing. They have a party room which you can book for an extra cost. Parents can bring their food or cake or book one of the packages that provide them. 

  1. Musée pour Enfants de Laval

What is a better place to celebrate kids’ birthdays than a museum designed for them? 


Musée pour Enfants de Laval is a museum design for children of ages two to eight. The museum displays more than 22 professions such as policemen, veterinary hospitals, theaters, and much more. Here children can role-play in each exhibit and broaden their imagination.

The birthday party package includes eight children and four adults with one hour of private room to eat and blow the candles. Parents are allowed to bring their food and cake if they chose to. The cost goes to $173. 

  1. Nemesis Game Centre

This virtual reality center is perfect for video game nerds. It allows children seven years or older to dwell in the virtual world through numerous games they offer. 

The venue offers an instructor to help to coordinate the activities from start to end. Parents can bring their food, though it needs to be peanut-free. 

Nemesis Game Centre offers a variety of packages which start from $249 + taxes. They include a 90 minutes game pass and 30 minutes party room. 

Final Thoughts

Children love birthdays as they have a special day to spend with their friends and eat cake and sweets. That is why it is essential to choose a venue that gets them excited and lets them create memories with their childhood friends.