7 Activities To Keep Children Entertained On Rainy Days

Rain is not a favorite type of weather when you have children. It means your family is jammed inside your home. Soon enough, kids will get bored or start fighting each other for no reason. 

To prevent children from having tantrums, parents need to have a list of activities to engage them when the gloomy days come. They can be activities they do on their own or something to bond together as a family.

Check out our list of activities that will keep kids engaged and entertained. 

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle

When the rain touches the windows, it is a perfect time to take out your favorite jigsaw puzzle. Building a jigsaw puzzle is fun for everyone. It is an activity you can bond together or let children do on their own.

Besides being fun to spend time on, Yale university shows jigsaw puzzles help children strengthen short-term memory, problem-solving skills and increase motor skills.

  1. Play Would You Rather?

“Would you rather” is an excellent activity to bond as a family. It is a great conversation starter that allows the children to use their imagination. 

All you need for this game is to cut out some pieces of paper. Write to them some questions that will spark their interests and creativity. You can go for questions like “would you rather be a unicorn or a dinosaur? Would you rather be invisible or speed superpowers?”

If you struggle to come up with some questions, here is a link with about 200 questions you can write down.

  1. Make a home cinema

Everybody enjoys going to the cinema. So why not make a home cinema. 

All you need is to make some popcorn and turn off the lights, so the kids experience a real cinema experience. You can pick a movie for kids to enjoy on their own or a family movie if you want to join them.

Either way, it will be fun for them. 

  1. Cook together

Kids love to get their hands in the kitchen. Rainy days are a perfect time for them to be part of the process. 

Engage them with you in baking something they enjoy. The best is always to cook something sweets like cupcakes. You can buy sprinkles, M&Ms, whipped creams, and frosting to let them use their creativity and decorate how they want. 

If you are trying to get them to enjoy healthier foods, you can engage them in making smoothies or salads. This way, you can keep children entertained while educating them on the nutrients fruits and vegetables give to their body.

  1. Paint or draw

Get out the crayons, colored pencils markers and let the kids dwell in their imagination. You can let them draw their pictures or buy some coloring books for them to enjoy.

If your kids are an artsy type, you can buy them watercolors or washable paint for them to color. 

However you do it, this activity will keep children busy while enjoying their time. Make sure to stick their finished work on the refrigerator. This way, they will feel proud of their creation. 

  1. Build with Cups

Are your children a maker type? Then let them build using plastic, disposable cups. 

It is simple, creative, and gets the children engaged for a long time. They can build towers, castles, fences, or anything they enjoy. 

To add some more fun, you can put out their art supplies such as glitter and markers so they can decorate the cups before they build.  

  1. Make a Collage

Do you have old magazines lying around the house? Now it is a perfect time to put them to use.

For this activity, you need scissors, a white or colored card, glue, and other art supplies such as pencils, markers, washi tapes, glitters, etc. 

Let the kids cut out everything they like from the magazine and glue them to the card. They can create a story out of their collage or decorate how they want.  


Rainy days may not be the favorite weather for children. It means they cannot go out to play with their friends. But just because they are stuck in the house does not mean they need to get bored. You can get them active and entertained by engaging them in various indoor activities.