5 Volunteering opportunities for teenagers in Montreal

The life of a teenager today is surrendered by technology, apps, and continuous distraction. The social distance measures imposed because of the pandemic made teenagers even more detached from the real world.

A year of learning from homes and not meeting their friends impacted teenagers’ ability to communicate and help others. 

One way to help teenagers to regain their sense of empathy and gratitude for their life is to engage them in volunteering projects. 

Volunteering in community services helps teenagers to be kinder and understand the real world. It is proven that volunteering improves the mental, social and physical health of people. The experience also teaches valuable life skills.

If you are looking for volunteering projects in Montreal, we prepared a list of five organizations your teenage kids can participate. 

Love Organization

Love is a youth organization in Montreal to create sustainable programs that help the mental, emotional, and social wellbeing of youth. They support the youngsters with programs that help them build emotional intelligence, be more resilient, and gain confidence in their actions.  

Currently, they are offering the media arts program, leadership program, and national leadership camp. They also resource various workshops and volunteering programs to get engaged.

You can check all their programs here.

Sun Youth

Founded in 1954, Sun Youth organization works on a mission to help individuals and families in need. They offer a range of emergency services to help everyone meet their basics needs and live with integrity.

Their programs help to combat crime and promote the physical, social, and intellectual development of youth. They have over 20 different programs aiding people of all ages. 

As an NGO, the driving force of the organization is its volunteers. Sun Youth accepts volunteers of all ages. This fact makes it a perfect opportunity if you want to volunteer together with your children. 

You can become a volunteer by applying here.


Do you have an animal lover at home? Why not make them volunteer in an animal shelter program. 

Animatch is a nonprofit dog adaptation center that helps homeless dogs have a home. The center is well organized and offers good living conditions, comfortable sleeping places, medical services, nutritious food, and outside play. 

The center invites volunteers of all ages with a passion for helping dogs to be part of their community. You can apply online by clicking here.

YMCA of Quebec

YMCA is an international charity organization with a mission to inspire and encourage people to live their full potential, thrive, and contribute to their community. 

YMCA of Quebec, founded in 1851, is the first chapter of YMCA in North America. Ever since the opening, the organization has never stopped helping people to live their best life. 

Today the YMCA of Quebec has 36 locations together with the YMCA Residence and Camp YMCA Kanawana. They continue to offer a wide range of programs online and offline for the elderly, individuals, and children. 

You can learn more and submit your volunteering application by clicking here.

Montreal Volunteer Center

In 1937, the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal opened as the first volunteering center in Canada. The organization aims to promote voluntary actions in the community. 

They help the community by recruiting and training volunteers to work on different projects. They also amplify their message by giving volunteering presentations for companies, educational institutions, and other interested parties. 

They are a big supporter of Meals on Wheels and Community Meals on Wheels services. 

You can become a volunteering member of their community by clicking here.


Volunteering is an efficacious activity to help teenagers to gain empathy for others and gratitude for their life. It is documented their engagement benefits their physical and mental wellbeing. Montreal offers various opportunities with different organizations accepting applications for teenage volunteers.