5 safety tips to follow on a bouncy house

Bounce houses are perfect entertainment for kids, but overlooking safety rules can make them unsafe for your kids. Before you let your little ones hop on the bouncy house, there are some safety rules that you need to follow. 

1) Make sure it is properly setup

The first thing you might want to look at if it is properly installed or not. Before usage, it should have to be perfectly installed, tied and inflated. There have been accidents when the bounce house blows away with a strong wind and injuring the children. It is not the case when a bounce house is tied.  

If you are buying your own bouncy house, then you would need to learn how to set it up. And renting it would mean you have to talk to the rental services about the safety. 

2) Ensure supervision

Kids will always try to go overboard and impress their parents and friends. It can sometimes backfire and cause physical injury. Full-time supervision of the kids is mandatory when they are at the bounce house. Discourage them if they are misusing the equipment or doing something that can cause an injury. 

Children are not able to foresee a situation clearly, especially if they are under 10.

Supervising will help you provide quick first-aid to the kid in case of an injury. It will save time and can minimize the pain. 

3) Don’t let kids carry prohibited items

Check for sharp objects before the kids go to the bounce house as such objects can harm the kids and the bounce house itself. 

Don’t let them take any consumable items such as food or drinks. Children can slip on spills and get themselves injured.

Make sure they put off their shoes before hopping in. The shoes can cause damage to the bounce house and children’s feet as they are not comfortable when jumping. 

4) Choose the right bounce house

There are different types of bounce houses available for every age number of kids in the group. For instance, you should rent a big bouncy house if there are a long number of kids in their pre-teens. And small should be booked for little kids. 

Only a limited amount of kids should be allowed to enter the bounce house at one time. It will help prevent collisions between the kids while also not overloading the bouncy house. You can discuss with the rental services and ask them about the maximum capacity, 

5) Take weather into account

Weather can be challenging to predict, but checking the weather prediction before the bouncy house will help you prevent a hassle. If the forecast predicts rain, then be sure the bouncy houses can tolerate it. Not all bounce houses are suitable for water. 

Apart from that, rain can bring thunderstorms and heavy wind. These high winds can cause the bounce house to topple despite the ropes. Lightening is also a big worry, even though it is rare, but there should be no compromise on safety. 


Children are restless beings who love to do reckless things. As a parent, it should be your responsibility to tell them off they violate safety measures and risk their health. The supervisors with the rental service are not going to discipline your child, so make sure to make them abide according to your parenting style.