5 Ideas to celebrate your child birthday party this summer

Summer birthday parties are the best. The warm weather calls for outdoor celebrations during which you can experience different activities. It especially applies to children who love playing outside with their friends.

To make things more special for your child, you can throw a summer-themed birthday party. They are easy to arrange, all while being fun for the kids. 

If you need inspiration for your kid’s birthday party this summer, here are five ideas you can do.

  1. Throw them a pool party 

Children love to play, jump and make splashes in the water. If your kid is like that, then throw them a pool party. If you have your pool in the backyard, throw in it some inflatables and let the kids enjoy themselves. Don’t forget to bring lots of sunscreen, towels, and snacks.

If you don’t have a pool, you can take them to the local swimming pool. Just make sure to have other grown-ups with you to keep everyone safe. 

  1. Rent a bounce house

Bounce houses are a super fun activity that kids of all ages love. This summer, rent a bounce house and let the children go crazy from excitement.

Make sure to have enough food as the kids will get hungry from jumping up and down.

To keep them entertained and cooled off, use activities like water fights or water balloons. 

  1. Outdoor movie night

An outdoor movie screening is ideal if you have kids older than eight years old. 

All you need to do is to hang a white sheet somewhere to screen the projector. Place in the grass blankets, cushions, and other soft things the kids can sit and watch the movie. As party food incorporate as many movie theater snacks like popcorns, candies, chips, and drinks. 

Carefully choose an age-appropriate movie that won’t emotionally disturb any of your child’s friends.

  1. Color-themed party 

If your child is into arts, throw them a backyard color-themed party. 

In the backyard, organize a birthday party with numerous activities that involve colors. You can set coloring tables with white paper and different kinds of colors to draw and paint. Another fun game is to buy kid-friendly color paint powder. Let the kids get messy by tagging each other with powder colors. Also, you can make chalk bombs and let them go crazy playing around. 

Just make sure to ask the parents to wear their kids messy-friendly clothes. 

  1. Backyard camping

Throw your little ones a birthday party by inviting their friends for backyard camping. 

Set out the tents in the backyard. Add smores, drinks, and other foods your kid enjoys while camping. Make sure to prepare a list of activities to keep the children entertained throughout the day. You can close the night with an outdoor screening or making a circle telling stories.

In the end, let the kids sleep in the tents and see the stars before they sleep.

Make sure to have the phone numbers of all parents if any of the kids get scared and want to go home.

To sum up

Summer babies celebrate their birthdays outdoors with friends. From colors to water to backyard camping, let your kids enjoy their special day having fun with their best friends.