4 Ways to stay connected with family even when you live far away

It is common practice for family members or even relatives to move across the country to settle down for some reasons. The distance often affects family relationships because it is hard for one to stay connected with their family the same way before. But thankfully for us, we live in an age where technology has advanced so much that our loved ones are just a tap on our cellphones away. Here, we have listed down four ways to stay connected to your family, relatives or even your loved ones by reaping the fruits of the communicational advancements made so far.

1) Use technology to connect

Make a schedule and organize your time to balance your studies/work and the time you give to your family. At the end of each day, you can either drop them a text to let them know that you miss them or give them a call and talk about your day. They will feel loved and appreciated.

 Skype, for instance, is a great app to turn to when you need to video call or even chat with your family. It is easy to use and free as well. You can easily schedule a call with them and set a reminder to get a notification so you would not end up forgetting about it.

2) Make closed groups

It is hard when you are away and have to update every family member or relative about your life separately. Typing the same thing over and over not only consumes time but is also tiring. Facebook is here for the rescue. You can make a private family group on Social media platforms like Facebook, where you can post pictures that only your inter-family can see. It is an excellent way to keep your family updated with your life.

3) Meet them when possible 

It is not easy to get leaves, whether if it is from work or college. An easy solution to this is to gather your available days off so you can see your family for a longer time when you decide to visit them. Pay a visit on special occasions like Christmas, thanksgiving and easter. 

The workplace provides days off during this period which makes it easier for you.

4) Remember their special days

When you are away from your family, even the smallest of gestures prove to be meaningful. For instance, remembering their birthdays, wishing them as the clock strikes 12 never gets old, but you should also keep track of the time zones. All phones offer the option to add multiple clocks onto your home screen. That is the easiest way to keep their time in check.

 Take the time to mark all the dates in your phone’s calendar so it can notify you beforehand and alert you about the event. You can also gift them something they might like. A gift no matter how small is remembered for a long time. 

Final thoughts

Staying connected allows the family to stay updated at any time. Staying in touch requires consistency, and at times the family will be the only one to help you out.