10 Birthday Presents Ideas For Younger Girls

Children grow up so fast. One day you are feeding your baby, and the next day she is dressing on her own. And as your girl goes through this transformational phase, her interests develop. 

Younger girls gain agency over themselves and start to engage in more active play. Some girls are into technology playing games on tablets, while others are into art crafts. For each of them, it is play, a creative time they enjoy exploring. That is why it is important to give gifts that help girls develop their interests.

Whether you are shopping for your daughter, niece, or a friend’s daughter, here is a guide with ten birthday presents ideas for younger girls.

  1. Tie-Dye Kit 

Is your girl into fashion and likes colors? Tie-Dye Kit is a fun way for her to personalize her clothes. The tie-dye kit is a fun activity to do with her friends, as girls love wearing matching outfits.

The kits usually come in 18 different colors and are non-toxic for washing. You can get a few white t-shirts if you don’t want to destroy existing clothes. 

  1. Jewelry Kit 

Does your girl spend her time crafting? The jewelry craft kit is a perfect gift for her. She can spend her time creating crafts she can proudly wear while developing her creativity and cognitive skills. 

It is also an entertaining party activity with her besties. 

  1. Polaroid camera

Kids today know how to take a selfie, a video, even add a filter in them. They are not familiar with the feeling of having to shot only one photograph. That’s why a polaroid camera is a perfect gift for them. 

With a Polaroid camera, she can have a picture develop in a matter of minutes. The fun part is she can create collages to decorate her room or stick them on the fridge.

  1. Hoverboard scooter

Some girls prefer spending time outdoor. They are more courageous and engage in sports. If this sounds familiar, then a hoverboard scooter will fit her interests.

Hoverboards are a hybrid of scooters and skateboards. They go up to 6 miles per hour and are safe for younger and older children. They are self-balanced, which makes them a fun activity to stroll around the park. 

  1. Science experiment kit

If science excites her, a science kit is the best way to spend her free time. The science kits are suitable for girls 8 – 12 and come with detailed instructions on the experiments. 

The kit usually comes with stimulating facts, fun quizzes, and room for her to design and create her experiments. 

  1. Coding robot

If your girl shows interest in technology, a coding robot is a great way to boost her knowledge. 

Coding robot helps her learn coding in a creative a fun way. With technology being an integral part of our life, this present will encourage her to develop skills that help her future. 

  1. Harry Potter Lego

Harry Potter fans are everywhere. If your girl is one of them, Harry Potter Lego is a perfect choice. The Lego set comes with 878 bricks and ten themed figures, letting her be inside her favorite school.

The set will allow her to immerse herself in the imaginative world of Harry Potter and make herself part of it.  

  1. The National Geographic Kids Why?

As much as we love our children, we all get annoyed at some point by their repeated question “why?”. 

‘The National Geographic Kids Why?’ has over 1,111 answers on everything. They have the answers to the silliest questions and serious ones, such as why the earth doesn’t float away into space.

  1. Book set 

Does your girl plunge herself in a book? Does she enjoy spending her time in the imaginative worlds of her heroine? Then you have a bookworm in your house. And there is no perfect gift for a book lover than a book. 

The book set will get her hooked and engaged for some time. 

  1. Secret message lab 

Girls love their BFFs. They spend time with them the most and share all their secrets. That’s why the secret message lab is a great and entertaining gift for her.

The secret message lab helps her communicate with her BFF through coded messages that her family can’t understand. The secret message lab will help her foster the relationship with her best friend. 

Final thoughts

Every young girl is unique, and it is influential to endorse that. If you know what interests her, you can buy her a perfect gift that develops her skills, all while having fun.