Should you go through your children’s phone?

The 21st century is full of innovation and technology, and like everyone, children are making the most out of it. Checking their phones poses an ethical dilemma for parenthood.

The world now is very different from the world you lived in. Changes in technology have forced parents to adopt different strategies to parent their children. 

Potential dangers of online gadgets 

Meanwhile, digital connectivity offers numerous advantages, but it also has a dark side to it. Parents are now rightly concerned about their children’s activity on the internet. 

One of the most occurring activities is cyberbullying. Children are prone to bullying as they are naive and have little experience in life. They can seldom differentiate between a friend and a predator, and no one knows for sure when it comes to the internet. 

There have been cases when the children unwillingly encounter inappropriate content they are not supposed to see. It is due to ads, harmful links and clickbait. Other users can also steal data and then use it on children to bully and blackmail them. 

The internet is a hub where virtual communication is now easier than ever. However, this also means that online hackers, predators and bullies can easily reach out to your children. 

The consumption of pornography is also rising among children that can have detrimental effects on their mental and physical well-being. 

Considering all the circumstances, is it still ethical to go through your child’s phone?

Yes, to some extent you should go through their children’s phones to make sure things are right. You should go for a hands-on approach and make sure your child knows that you are going through their gadgets. It is not ethical to pry on them without informing them. 

Moreover, it will create trust issues between you and your child. 

Checking phones should be a precautionary method, and children should not feel it as a form of punishment. Age should also be taken into account, as a 7-year-old requires more supervision than a 17-year-old who has acquired some right to privacy. As they grow up and mature, you can allow them online freedom while also keeping an eye on them. 

Best ways to monitor your child’s cell phone

You cannot just take phones away from your children as they are a necessity during these times. Research shows that most kids get their phones at the age of 7!

Even spying on the children all the time can get them to be furious and rebel. They might start to question your trust sooner or later. 

So what is the best method?

Fortunately, some apps easily install parental software on their phones. This way, you can easily monitor the activity of your child without physical searching.

The apps help in detecting potential bullying, drugs and other unsafe content and then send an alert to your phone once odd behaviour is found. 

MM Guardian is one of the apps you should consider that cover everything you need to keep your child safe.

Final thoughts

Children are curious and might not always make good decisions. It is why, as a parent, you should be taking responsibility. In some cases, people with childhood trauma at an early age might develop mental health issues in the future. Your little inattentiveness can cause a significant impact on your children.