Best DIY birthday party gifts

Gifts that are handmade hold a special meaning. It shows that you took out time and effort to make something for the host. Not only that, making gifts yourself help you save money too. Below is a list of where you can choose from. 

1) Loom Bracelet

These colourful bracelets can be great for anyone who likes to wear bright colours. To make this fishtail loom bracelet, all you need is a bunch of coloured rubber hair ties, a loom and a hook. You can watch the tutorial and make a perfect bracelet for the host. 

2) Photo Holder

A wooden photo holder could be a perfect gift for someone who loves collecting photos. This holder would be customizable that will help them to be changed at any time.

3) Personalized lamp

A lamp with a picture of you and your friend seems just right. It will be a fantastic addition to the bedroom and is sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Watch the tutorial here.

4) 365 messages

It is a super special gift you can give to your friend. All you need is a jar and a small label designed on it. On slips of paper, you can start with quotes, memories and fun moments you shared. Fill it with 365 notes and write a short message outside the jar to your friend.  

5) Marble dipped mugs

You can now customize boring white mugs into something scintillating. These mugs are simple, yet bright, colourful and would be perfect for breakfast. 

With nail polish, you can add abstract designs to a mug. It is super easy and cost-efficient. Take a look at the guide.

6) Birthday Card

At times you can show your gratitude with the simplest of gifts. Not always you have to go all out and present a huge present. You can easily design the card with doodles, abstract designs, paintings and so on. Make sure that you write a few words wishing the person well and a short note too. 

7) Playdough kit

We all loved playing with playdough as a kid and even at teenage. It enables us to make stuff out of nothing. You can even give a small booklet containing a variety of things that they can make from it. For example, you can make flowers, animals and toys. It is a perfect gift for a creative child. 

8) Photo frame

A big photo frame would be one of the gifts outside the box. It will be useful for the host and other guests too. All you need is to cut out large cardboard and make the outlines square. Decorate it with colours, themes, flowers or anything you want. 

Used as a photo booth, it will make your gift a memorable one. 

9) Birthday Cake

We are not talking about the good old birthday cake but rather a cake customized especially for the birthday boy/girl. You can decorate it with them they like and give them a perfect gift. All you need is to buy a cake and fill it with the host’s favourite theme. 

Final thoughts

The final decision will depend on your budget and creativity skills too. You will have to take some effort and time out to make a gift yourself.