7 Fun Indoor Activities To Keep Teenagers Entertained

The high energy of teenagers is hard to keep in control. It is even tougher with the virus raging, and they are stuck at home.

Now, after a year of doing distance learning, their patience is shrinking. 

They can’t meet their friends or spend time outside. What is left is them being inside the house, either winning or scrolling the device for endless hours.

As a parent, these behaviors are concerning. You don’t want them to fool around their most influential life period.

All you need are some fun indoor activities that your teens will not think of as a chore but as something they enjoy. Here is a list of 7 indoor activities to keep teens busy and entertained.

  1. Buy them a journal

Make your teens assign for themselves a time during the day to write in their journal.

Journaling is proven to have numerous benefits for teens. Most important, it helps them to process their emotions and make sense of their thinking.

Here is a friendly link to help you set up their journaling habit. 

  1. Schedule a movie night

Find a movie all the family enjoys and schedule a night to watch it. Make some popcorn, give the kids some candy, and dim the lights.

It is a pastime activity that always brings the family together.

  1. Learn a TikTok dance

Teenagers love TikTok. They spend their time watching funny videos and the countless dance videos that go viral every day. 

You can bond with their favorite entertainment if you decide to learn and do a dance together. The teens may feel embarrassed by your moves at some point, but the process of your learning will guarantee a good laugh. 

  1. Create a family scrapbook 

Do you have countless printed pictures scattered around the house? If yes, then why not put them to good use.

Assign the teens to make a family scrapbook. Let them use the photos, colored pens, glitters, stickers, construction paper, and more. Let them tell the family story through their creative lens.

It will be a fun project for them, and the book will be a good memory for the family. 

  1. Enroll them in online courses

The beauty of the internet is that you can go online and find a sea of courses you can take for little or no money at all.

You can find online whatever subject that sparks your child’s curiosity.

You can enroll them on sites like Coursera, Udemy, or Khan Academy and let them learn new and useful skills while studying at their own pace. 

You can find courses on everything on sites like Coursera, Udemy, or Khan Academy

  1. Schedule indoor exercise time

The CDC recommends that all children and teenagers do at least 60 minutes of physical activity during the day.

With the pandemic still on, it became harder for teenagers to get active. They spend most of their time in front of the laptop studying, and they spend their free time reading or watching online. 

But you can get them active by scheduling exercise time during the day. The youtube is flooded with workout videos, many specifically designed for teenagers.

  1. Let them enjoy arts & crafts

Does your teen enjoy their time crafting? Then let them indulge in that. 

Let your teens have a blast staying indoors while making bracelets, cards, drawing, or coloring on canvas.

Let them pick the craft they enjoy. Then, you can put the final products for display around the house.

To sum up

Teenagers are not used to spending their time indoors. Too much pastime will make them bored and irritated. That is why it is always better to prepare and have a list of activities to keep them busy and entertained at home.