5 Activities To Enhance Kids Creativity

Today, science shows that the experiences the child has during these formative years play a significant role. Activities that stimulate children’s mental and intellectual growth help them expand their creativity. With a creative brain, the child can develop a solution-oriented mind.

But with the short attention span that kids have these days, parents have a hard time finding activities that keep them engaged for a long time. Add the pandemic that increased the pressure of the parents to find activities for kids while staying at home. 

Well, not anymore. Read below five creative and cheap activities to help your kids have fun.

  1. Doodle Art     

Doodle art is a fun and easy activity for children. You probably have at home all the materials. For this activity, you need paper, markers, colored pencils, crayons, or any other colors your children use.

Let children draw freehand lines on the paper with a marker. After that, let them fill the empty spaces with colors they like.

If you want to expand further your child’s creativity, make them find hidden figures in their doodle and show them by coloring. You never know how many monsters they can find inside a doodle.   

  1. Rock Monsters

It is fun for the kids to make monster sculptures. It is cheap for the parents too. 

Next time you visit the part, make kids collect a few rocks. Other materials you need are paint, markers, googly eyes, and glue. Let the kids paint the rocks with colors they like. Then they can create rock monsters with googly eyes or any other craft items they enjoy.

Leave them as decorations around the house as they will feel proud of the work they did.

  1. Clay and dough 

Clay and dough are old ones, but they always work. It is easy, cheap, and fast and lets the children dwell in their imaginations. 

You can make your dough or buy it. Kids love to create shapes and forms. The more they engage in the play, the more complex their figures become. Soon, you will find them spending hours making monsters, flowers, and pizza.

  1. Raised salt painting

Raised salt is a favorite activity for children of all ages. It is fun, easy and the final artwork will have a 3D look. 

For this activity, you need a firm cover such as card stock, cardboard, or paper plates. Other materials you need are glue, table salt, and watercolors. 

The kids need to draw their imaginations on the card stock using glue. In a tray, add the salt. Let kids sprinkle the glue until you cover it with salt. Then the kids can let their creative minds color the salts by lightly pressing the watercolor brush in the salt. The process of the salt absorbing the color is eye-pleasing. 

  1. Bubble Painting

Bubble painting is an entertaining activity that lets kids create abstract paintings.

For this activity, you need:

  • paint paper,
  • watercolors,
  • water,
  • paper cups,
  • dishwashing soap,
  • sugar, and
  • a long plastic straw. 

To prepare, fill half of the cups with water and add the colors your kids like. After that, add a few drops of dishwashing soap and 2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar. Mix them well and blow bubbles in them with a straw. When the bubbles have passed the cups, place the paper on top of the bubbles. The kids can repeat the blow of bubbles as long as they want.

The results will give a unique paint each time they do the activity. 

Final thoughts

The parents need to select the activities in which their kids engage. Among the best activities are the creative ones. They are fun for kids to engage all while expanding their creativity.